About MobileLearners

MobileLearners was developed as an e-Learning platform for students, parents and tutors to engage in interactive learning effectively.

Given the increasing exposure to Information Technology, tech-savvy students are more inclined and willing to explore subjects via the use of online learning tools.

Therefore, we strive to enhance and complement existing learning methods employed at physical classrooms to raise the quality and effectiveness of learning.

Personalize and take charge of your own learning

Comprehensive topical notes and learning videos

Detailed academic report and feedback on areas for improvement

Topical assessments, timed practices

Exam planner schedule

Why Join MobileLearners as a Student or Parent?

Although technology has made information widely accessible, students and parents have expressed similar concerns over the issue of excessive information and its applicability to the learning curriculum set at schools. As such, MobileLearners will guide users in instructional and personlized ways to acquire essential knowledge and build up the relevant skills to excel in the respective subjects through the use of our ever expanding list of engaging E-learning tools at your disposal.

Access online learning resources

In addition to the physical notes and other resources provided by schools, MobileLearners will complement these materials by providing online notes that are viewable in text- and visual-based formats.
The use of visually-attractive graphics and videos will keep you engaged and keen to learn actively.

Attempt exam-oriented questions

MobileLearners offers a vast and comprehensive Question Bank for students of all ages and levels to conduct self-practice.
The Question Bank organizes exam-based questions by the level, subject, chapters and question types (like Multiple Choice Questions) and allows students to gain competency in their subjects.

Review your learning progress

After you have completed each set of practice questions, MobileLearners has a post-lesson feature to facilitate self-assessment and review.
Our system helps you keep track of the topics that you have scored better and those that require further improvement.
Therefore, our learning model promotes progressive learning as you correct the errors and become more proficient in your answering methods.

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By joining as a member of MobileLearners, you are entitled to the following free trial practice questions. These questions have been developed, organized and optimised to ensure exam-oriented learning and application. What’s more be rewarded the more you participate and do well for our assessments.

Subjects Offered

Given the diversity and range of subjects offered, MobileLearners has structured the e-Learning programmes according to the following levels and groups. Within each grouping, you can focus on specific subjects, like English and Mathematics. These subjects include study resources and practice questions that will become the bread and butter for your exam revision.


Establish a sound and strong foundation at the Primary Level.


Learn and improve consistently at the Secondary Level.

Junior College

Acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills at the Junior College Level.

Tertiary and Other Skills

Broaden your knowledge and skills sets for Tertiary Level students.

Engage in active learning

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